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Action Pistol Food Drive

Bring a bag of nonperishable food, and we wave the entrance fee for this special 3 Gun Event!


We intend to donate to the same local pantry in the Southampton, Bucks County PA area that we did the last 5 years. The pantry is at Jesus Focus Ministry. This pantry is non-denominational and turns away no one in need. The pantries are still receiving unprecedented requests for assistance. 
We all have many reasons to be thankful. None of our lives are perfect but that notwithstanding, we still have many reasons to be thankful this Holiday Season. In that spirit, we would like to collect donations of either non-perishable foods, pet food items, baby food items or checks made out to "Jesus Focus Ministry". 
Jesus Focus Ministry is a not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. They are a non-profit ministry that is operating solely from donations of local churches and organizations such as Scout programs, other organizations, private and individual donations.
If you can help, and if a cash donation is preferred, please make your check payable to: "Jesus Focus Ministry" and in the subject line, please write "Food Pantry". Jesus Focus Ministry is a 501C and your donation is tax deductible to extent allowed by IRS tax law.
So, with all of that having been said, if we can all get together and pool our collective resources, we could make a big difference in the lives of many hard-hit families. What do you say? Want to make a difference? Hopefully your answer is a resounding and thunderous "YES!"....The Action Pistol Committee



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