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Lever Action

Langhorne Rod & Gun Club Lever Action Shoot

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Come out for a series of special lever action rifle shoots! Ear and eye protection are required, but cowboy hats are optional! Iron sights only!

UPDATE..want to shoot but no rifle?.. cowboy SA revolver are now part of the event!

2016 Dates:  


Registration 8:00am to 8:30am ONLY
Event Start Time: 9:00am
Ammunition: Centerfire lead cast bullets only (45 rounds)
Price: Members are $10 (non-members are $15)

Course of fire:

1st Course: 25 yard distance with two (2) relays. 5 rounds at 5 targets twice

 2nd Course: 50 yard distance, one (1) relay. 5 rounds at 5 targets


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