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CMP / NRA High Power Rifle

Welcome to the Rifle Program you have been looking for!

This program is designed for shooters of all abilities. Everyone is encouraged to come out, from the new shooters & beginners to the experienced competition shooters, and people who are just plain curious. If you have always wanted to shoot a World War II M1 Garand, or a semi-automatic AR-15, then this is the shooting program for you!

At LRGC, we shoot the NRA High Power Rifle 50 round course of fire at 100 yards, using service rifles such as; the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, the M1A (M14), and the AR-15, or Match rifles, such as modified AR-15’s. Regardless of type, all rifles must have iron sights (no scopes). Bolt action rifles, such as the Enfield or the ‘03 Springfield, can also compete successfully. Complete NRA High Power Rifle Competition Rules can be found here.

The club sponsors organized shoots on the third Sunday of the month. Consult the calendar for upcoming shoots. Detailed information about the shoots can be found here: Monthly CMP / NRA High Power Rifle Shoots







 TOURNAMENT DATES: April 17, May 15, June 19,

July 17 , August 21, September 18, October 16,

November 20


 COMPETITION: NRA Approved 500 aggregate NMC competition

Open to the Public

 ENTRY FEE: $15.00

Entries to be accepted up to 8:30 am of Tournament date or contact Mike to prepay and hold a spot on the line. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 RULES: Current NRA Highpower Rules to apply

 COURSE OF FIRE:                         10 Rounds slow fire offhand fired in a time limit of 10 minutes on SR1 target 100YARDS

                                                   10 Rounds rapid fire, sitting or kneeling limit of 60 seconds on SR1 target 100 YARDS

10 Rounds rapid fire, prone in a time limit of 70 seconds on SR21 target 100YARDS

20 Rounds slow fire prone in time limit of 20 minutes on 2 MR31 targets 10 rounds each target 100 YARDS

Each course of fire to be preceded by a 2 round 2 minute sight in period

 CLASSIFICATION: NRA classification card or temporary score book.

  I also wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that scopes are allowed for use in our matches.  As per the rules they cannot be set over 4 power so if you know someone with an AR set up for another shooting discipline with a scope they are more than welcome to join us.  The only restriction we will enforce is "NO MUZZLE BREAKS" flash suppressors are allowed but not breaks. 


Mike D



Highpower Dec 2014 Results

Here are the results for our December Highpower match at Langhorne.  Thank you all for a great Highpower season.  Also a big thanks for your understanding with the construction of the roof and pad, it was well worth the wait and missing a couple of the matches.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in January for our annual wood match. 


NRA High Power November 2014

Here are the scores for the November Highpower match at Langhorne. Good shooting everyone.  As reminder this was our last NRA Approved match for the year but we will continue to shoot through the winter weather permitting.  I think the new firing line with the roof and cement pad will help quite a bit.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Match Results 



Monthly CMP / NRA High Power Shoots

Monthly CMP / NRA High Power Rifle Shoots

At a typical Match, always held on the third Sunday of the month, we open registration at 8 AM. First shot is at 9 AM, so there is plenty of time to meet and greet, and get set up for the Match.

Bring your own gun and ammunition, or borrow one of ours! We have M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and AR-15’s available for use. Ammunition for Club rifles is provided by the Club, at nominal cost.

Shooters should bring something to put on the ground to sit and lay on, such as a shooting mat, throw rug, etc. A spotting scope is helpful during the sight in period. Shooting glasses and hearing protection are required, as are chamber flags (supplied with Club rifles). If you have a staple gun, bring it with you.

Course of fire:

  • The first course of fire is OFFHAND, 10 rounds in 10 minutes, which consists of standing and firing single rounds, loaded one at a time.
  • The second course of fire is RAPID SITTING, or KNEELING, 10 rounds in sixty seconds, using a two round and an eight round enbloc in the M1 Garands, or two 5 round magazines for the M1A, or AR-15.
  • The third course of fire is RAPID PRONE, 10 rounds in 70 seconds, using the same magazine or clip routine as Rapid Sitting.
  • The fourth course of fire is SLOW PRONE, 20 rounds in 20 minutes, which consists of firing single rounds, loaded one at a time, from a Prone position.

All courses of fire allow for two sighter rounds fired during a two minute Sighter Period before each course of fire, for a total of 58 rounds fired. There is plenty of time to get all of the rounds fired off.

All shooters are asked to help with the Match setup and tear down. We all take turns scoring and changing targets. When everyone pitches in, this goes fast and is easy. It’s all part of the fun.





NRA High Power Oct 2014

Here are the scores for our October Highpower match at Langhorne.  Nice shooting again Frank.  Keep that up and you may break Sylvesters range record of 498!  Thanks everyone and hope to see you all next month at our last approved match of the year.