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Shotgun steel

As we continue to grow the 3 Gun program we came up with a shotgun only event that we hold on Tuesday nights...Starting in October it will be the second (2nd) tuesday of the month. Target loads only..7-8 shot! The event is geared towards the use of a 3Gun style shotgun, but pump guns are welcomed. We shoot steel targets and clays during the event. You must be present before the 6pm safety briefing. Please follow our Facebook page for updated information. Winter shoots will be subject to the weather. 

Set up is @5...Safety briefing and course description at 6pm and we are done most evenings by 8:30...Public event

Club Calendar 

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3 Gun 2016

We will be hosting several 2 Gun events in 2016. Please check our Facebook Events tab for upcoming information. 

YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE EVENTS...links will be post on Facebook on the fist of the month!

We don't have a set schedule and are using any available date we can get..Saturday's & Sundays!

1. Saturday 1-23-16 long range-----pistol/rifle   Jan - 
2. Sunday 2-21-16 short range -----pistol/rifle   Feb -
3. Sunday 3-19-16 long range----rifle/shotgun   March 
4. Saturday 4-23-16 long range----pistol/rifle    Apr -
5. Sunday 5-22-16 short range---rifle/shotgun  May -
6. Sunday 6-19-16 short range-----pistol/shotgun    June -
7. Saturday 7-23-16 long range----pistol/rifle     July -
8. Sunday 8-21-16 short range----rifle/shotgun    Aug -
9. Saturday 9-17-16 long range-----pistol/rifle    Sept -
10. Saturday 10-22-16 long range----pistol/rifle  Oct -
11. Saturday 11-19-16 long range (3rd Saturday )----pistol/rifle   Nov -
12. Saturday 12-18-16 long range (3rd Saturday )----rifle/shotgun   Dec -

These events will be members and Their guest!



(The information below may change so please use the join option on Facebook to stay updated on the event!)

This event will be 2 stages,cost to shoot the event is $10 member $15 non member.

1. Public event BUT you must preregister
2. We will be running two stages. We will run all shooters through the first stage and then we will need to rearrange the props for stage 2.
3. Rifle----------magazine fed centerfire rifle
4. Handgun----magazine fed centerfire handgun
5. You will need 3 rifle mags and 3 handgun mags.
6. Estimated Round count----50 pistol and 50 rifle rounds.
7. You must have a sturdy strong side handgun holster. No rifle sling needed but you MUST have a chamber flag for rifle.
8. Event will be hammer down at 9am . You Must be at the long range cover NO later than 8:30 am for safety brief and stage run thru.

Questions ……email Fran@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These events will be members and Their guest!
Limited to @ 25 shooters.


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